Five Best Water Bottle Review 2020 [Updated]

Best Water Bottle

I completely fell in love with this best-water-bottle. When it came the weird manufacturing smell went away in a couple of rinses. It is a great quality product that I would recommend for anyone who wants a durable liquid container.

1.Hydro Flask 18 oz Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Leak Proof Sports Water Bottle



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I have exclusively (sounds fancy) Nalgene and Sigg bottles for over 30 years and have hiked and traveled all over with them. My girls each received an HF bottle in the past year and I became jealous of them. I KNOW my preferences are better – right? Welp, I purchased a 32oz bottle several weeks ago and have become an immediate convert. Super high-quality construction, whatever their double lining technique is legit or voodoo which is also ok! The water that went in the cold in the AM was STILL as cold in the afternoon (no, I did not actually measure the temp).

I wish I had bought the HF best-water-bottle long ago, but I made it up by subsequently buying an HF tumbler. I decided to fill 1/2 the bottle with water and freeze it overnight then top it off in the AM. When I pulled it out of the freezer, it had the thinnest freeze ever. These things are pure magic.


2.BlenderBottle C00581 Classic Shaker Bottle, 20-Ounce Loop Top, Clear/Black



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Great bottle! This is my first blender bottle and I am pleasantly surprised that the blender ball scraped all the powder off the bottom and incorporated it perfectly into the water. Other reviews say that it is hard to open but I’m glad for that so the chances of it spilling or flying open while shaking are nearly impossible. Also, I wouldn’t call it hard to open, just secure. I didn’t know if I would like the loop part but, when not in use it folds down like it’s not even there! It is everything I hoped it would be. Will update if I find any flaws.


3.BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle, 28-Ounce



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Love my best-water-bottle to mix up my energy drinks. I’ve used off-brand / GNC brand and honestly, the BlenderBottle is the best. Large capacity, easy to carry around with me, and the #1 reason that puts BlenderBottle brand above all the other (slightly) cheaper versions is it DOES NOT hold onto any smell or flavors of whatever you mix in it. I put all sorts of different energy powders, pre-workout powders, protein powders in my bottle and after running through the dishwasher, I’ve never had a problem with the plastic absorbing anything as I have with other bottles.


4.THERMOS FUNTAINER SS Insulated Straw Bottle 12OZ Blue (2 Pack)



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I bought the hello kitty option for my kindergartener and it’s awesome! Not only is it cute, but it’s also super easy to clean since all the pieces come apart effortlessly. The inside of the lid has the model # engraved which is very convenient when it comes time to order a replacement straw. It keeps drinks cold and doesn’t sweat, plus it doesn’t leak when closed. I did open the lid and turned it upside to see if it’ll leak if it dropped while being open and it did leak. Overall, this is a great thermos at a great price.


5.Takeya 50001 Originals Vacuum-Insulated Stainless-Steel Water Bottle



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Great water bottles. I love the insulating qualities. Ice can last for 24 hours if you start with putting cold water from the fridge in with the ice. If you start with only room temperature water straight from the tap, a good portion of the ice melts immediately. That’s nothing to do with the insulating qualities.
I also bought this bottle over other bottles due to the double cap. Remove the whole cap to fill with ice and water. Remove the small cap to drink from. It’s most like a disposable water bottle cap which is the easiest to drink from in my opinion. Never any leaks with the good seals when you lightly tighten down both caps.
The only reason I lowered this review to 4 stars was because of this…I bought four of these bottles. Two 40oz and two 24oz. I noticed that one of the bottles(24oz..irrelevant) was not keeping ice nearly as long as the other three. I also notice the outside of the bottle was a little colder to the touch than the others. You should not be able to feel virtually any cold on the outside of a properly insulating bottle. It was also melting nearly twice as fast as the others under the same conditions. I decided to return it to amazon as defective and repurchased the same water bottle once again. The new one I received was just as good as the other three I bought previously. That would be my only complaint. If you feel it’s not keeping ice for what you feel is long enough you may have a defective unit. I realize you may have nothing to compare to side by side but regardless, that may be the problem. Hope this helps.