Top Five Best cast-iron cookware sets [Customer Review,2020]



Welcome to the cast iron cookware sets consumer guide if you’re looking for the durable nonstick cookware that’s easy to clean cast iron is the answer for you below. You can see a chart that shows you our best-cast-iron-cookware-sets.

If you’re still not convinced that one of our picks is the best choice for you to keep reading. You’ll find out what’s better. There or enamel vintage you’re new how to clean it and much happier cooking.




Lodge 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillet with Cover

Lodge 12 inch Cast Iron

Lodge 12 Inch Cast Iron


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This is a quality pan and became totally nonstick after a few seasonings. Reasonably priced and made locally. This cast iron cookware sets will last forever with proper care. The picture shows a batch of latkes in action.



Lodge 10.5 Inch Cast Iron Griddle


Cast Iron Griddle

Lodge Cast Iron Griddle


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For anyone NEW to cast iron, I would highly suggest visiting the culinary fanatic dot com website as a one-stop-shop for pretty much all things cast iron. Jeffrey B Rogers does a great job making info straight forward, and posting lots of videos to walk his audience through everything from restoration, cleaning, seasoning, and maintaining cast iron.

There is also a “Cast Iron Cooking” Facebook group with almost 300k members which is really helpful. Just beware that the group’s “pinned post”, though DENSE with helpful info, is very long and can be overwhelming for those new to cast iron.

The group administrators also have a habit of responding to most newcomers with “read the FAQ”/”that can be found in the FAQ”, even if the post asks for some more in-depth or subjective info or opinions than is offered in the pinned post. In their defense its huge group to manage. Either way, the FB group is also an asset if you are a new cast iron cookware.



Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with 2 Loop Handles


Cast Iron Skillet with 2 Loop

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with 2 Loop


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It is a great investment to purchase the cast iron scrapers also made by Lodge.
Avoid using harsh scrapers instead, to loosen up stubborn remains—add hot water to your pan (yes water) and allow to sit for a “moment”.
Then, use the Lodge pot scrapers to gently remove ruminants. Use a dishcloth or gentle sponge to wash pot clean.
Place on the stove burner or inside an oven and heat until pan is COMPLETELY dry. Add a teaspoon of oil or spray oil inside the pan using a basting brush to evenly coat the pan.



Lodge 10.5 Inch Square Cast Iron Grill Pan


Square Cast Iron Grill Pan

Lodge Square Cast Iron


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I was worried the rough surface would cause sticking, but I have found it to be a non-issue. The pre-seasoning has some issues though. It’s not hard to fix, but I don’t think anyone should use these pans as is. If you wipe a clean towel across it you will notice there is a black film. This is not how best-cast iron cookware sets should be. What you really need to do is:

1) Wipe the pan dry with a dry towel.
2) Heat the pan on your stovetop to warm it up and make sure it’s totally dry.
3) Wipe a thin coat of oil all over the pan. (any cooking oil is fine)
4) Wipe as much of the oil off as you can with a dry paper towel. What you want is an ultra-thin coat of oil.
5) Bake the pan at 400-450 degrees for at least an hour, then let the pan cool inside the oven.

You should now have a well-seasoned pan. If there is any black residue when you wipe it with a clean towel repeat the steps above, but it should be good to go after just one seasoning.




Lodge 13.25 Inch Cast Iron Skillet with Cover


Cast Iron Skillet with Cover

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with Cover


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– Solid… You would have to try to damage this thing.
– Easy to maintain
– Comes with silicone handle holder
– Can use on almost any stovetop (I use it on an electric glass top)
– Puts an incredible sear on steaks.
– Good price


– It’s heavy, I expected that. But if you are looking for a light skillet this is not it.
– More complicated to care for than a normal stainless steel skillet. It’s not complicated, but there are extra site.



Today at the pit I want to show you possibly the best-cast-iron cookware sets on the market. Today for your house or grill again for all the show notes as well as the full details. Let’s get reviewing all. So what’s the big idea when it comes to cast-iron-cookware.

It seems like nowadays at cast iron skillets are one of the most popular ways to cook your food. But a lot of people still aren’t convinced. They think that the maintenance is as too high or it doesn’t work as well as say a Teflon pan. It sticks either I don’t know how to clean it. There’s a lot of confusion.

So I’ll show you the possibly the best cast iron pan that I’ve discovered. I use it on a daily basis and I just absolutely love it. This is the lodge a cast-iron 12-inch skillet. It’s versatile and high-quality. It just works well. I saw previous to this best-cast-iron cookware sets. I was using one that I found at the thrift store.

You know it’s old supposed to work. But it doesn’t really have great results. It doesn’t have even cooking. It’s not seasoned properly. You know a lot of problems that a lot of people face and this large cast iron. One I’ve been using now for about three or four months. I use it pretty much every single day whether inside or outside on the grill.

I absolutely love it from first impressions. You know best-cast-iron-cookware-sets looks very high quality. They’ve actually put a lot of attention into some of the detail components from simple things like this. This hanging hook to this handle was actually functioning in my case as a stacking handle.

You can actually stack cast-iron pots on top of each other. It hooks onto the larger one down below while still leaving a little bit of a gap for some airflow. So you’re not going to ruin your cast iron pan. so it’s great detail looks good and it’s very well. Now one of the things that a lot of people ask when they’re exploring cast-iron-cookware-sets.

you know is it going to work as good as my Teflon pan or my stainless steel pan. That I’ve been using for years and years and years. The one thing I love about this one is that it actually comes pre-seasoned which means that they’ve taken the time in their Factory in their stores to season. It for you so you know that right out of the box. Best-cast-iron-cookware-sets going to be good to go.

So because it has been pre-seasoned. It actually makes it quite easy for cleanup after you’re done cooking as well. You often can just take it to some water and just rinse it off. One of the other things that I noticed compared to some of the other cast iron pans that I’ve cooked with is that this one actually offers even heat cooking oftentimes.

You have a hot spot in the middle or in a different area of your pan. This best-cast iron cookware sets one from edge to the edge has even heat distribution partly. Because the cast iron is so thick as well as just the way they’ve designed it. It allows for the heat to distribute evenly.

So it doesn’t really matter where you’re cooking. It’s going to produce the same result each time. Best-cast-iron-cookware-sets are such a great option because it’s so versatile. You can use it inside. You can use it on the stovetop then put it into the oven.  We can take it out camping with your put. it onto the fire one of the great things. That is actually this one isn’t that expensive.

So if you’re looking for a new cast-iron skillet I think that this one from Lodge is the best-cast-iron-cookware-sets. you can’t go wrong it’s gonna last forever. It’s going to not stick on you and you’re going to have a lot of fun cooking with it inside or outside make sure.  


I would note a few things about this particular skillet.

  • 1. The silicon handle is a nice addition.
    2. It is BIG. I might have gotten the smaller size if I realized it but I think the better way to go is to get this one and smaller size. The largest size can be a bit to handle, especially if you are going from stovetop to oven.
    3. The pre-season was probably fine, but I went ahead and did my own seasoning.




Works great and cooks food very well. Cleaning it is a bit of a chore, but just Google ‘how to clean a cast-iron skillet’ and you’ll be fine. Shouldn’t really need to ‘clean’ the pan, but you will need to get the stuck on chunks off.

Overall, this is a GREAT cast-iron-cookware-sets skillet! I am very happy with my purchase and I am looking forward to all the great foods that will come from this skillet! If you are looking for a cast-iron I would highly recommend this one.