COSTWAY Washing Machine

COSTWAY Washing Machine

At first I thought I had broken this thing. but it turns out you really do just need to ~*read the instructions*~ on newly purchased mechanical items.


Make sure this is placed on a FLAT, solid surface. I tried putting this thing on a sterilite tub in the bath tub and it stopped working. the tub had it shaking all over. I put in a request for a replacement and decided to try sticking it on my coffee table, with a towel underneath and a bucket to the side for the gravity drain. WORKED LIKE A CHARM. as another reviewer mentioned, the way you place the clothing in the spinner makes a big difference, spread it out evenly – and you’ll need to hold onto it as it spins. however, this only takes a couple minutes for me generally!

I love doing my laundry in this because the scent of the detergent sticks so well to not only my clothing, but the air in the room. I also use fabric softener because I’m line drying after this and that can make your clothes so stiff. both are mrs. meyers brand.

in sum, if you’re living in an apartment like I am with a shared quarter-lau work but definitely beats that. 👧🏻

Highly reccomend!

I am so very pleased with this unit. It does a great job with minimal soap and water. I pair this with the Nina Soft Spin Dryer from Laundry Alternative. All I have to is line dry. A few tips: a good 10 to 15 minute pre soak will do a lot. So after I fill it, I turn it on for about 3 minutes and let it soak for 10-15 minutes. Then do a 9 minute wash, drain, then a 9 minute rinse. (Anything beyond 9 minutes seemed to make the motor hot) also, when done using for the day, with the drain tube in the sink, flush the unit with about a gallon of water to push out any extra lint. I keep the unit open overnight to dry out completely before closing the lid.
This thing has paid for itself already in the first month. Highly recommend!

I truly love this little laundry bot, but it’s not up to every situation

I purchased this little washing machine because I live in a rental apartment with a malfunctioning LG all-in-one washer/dryer that my landlord has been, for 4 months, disinclined to repair. This little washer cleans our clothes extremely well, is quiet and easy to use, and takes up very little space. The major limitation is the spin-dry feature. It can only comfortably spin a few small things at a time, and even then, they are still damper than they would be after coming out of a regular washing machine. I’m accustomed to hanging most of our things to dry because my (currently incapacitated) all-in-one washer-dryer had a condensing dryer that’s pretty inefficient. But… BUT. Not being able to spin-dry larger items like towels, blankets, dog beds, pillows, coats, my 6’4″ teen son’s jeans… that’s what has me still going to the laundromat.

All the other stuff, like my 9yo boy’s pants, and my sweaters, and t shirts and leggings and socks and undies and literally everything else– it spin dries just fine (as long as you’re careful to spin only a couple things at a time) but still, comes out pretty damp and takes twice as long to hang dry as it would after a spin in a regular washing machine. Not dripping, but not that dry.

SO. I completely recommend this awesome, inexpensive little workhorse of a washing machine if you need to wash socks, undies, t shirts, workout clothes, scrubs, baby/kid clothes, kitchen towels, hand towels, wash cloths, etc., and you’re cool with hanging your stuff to dry. But if you need more spin-dry capacity than one pair of size 12 boys sweatpants, you might want to consider a machine with a larger spin-dry capacity.

For convenience, affodability, and size, this is a great choice.

I have purchased TWO of these; one for me and then one for my brother a little later on. For convenience, affordability, and a good fit in a small apartment, this is a wonderful choice. This machine is lightweight; it can be moved and stored easily, and it cleans clothes better than my standard machine. The drawbacks are, for best results only run small loads, it won’t accommodate huge items like king-size comforters or quilts, and it does not have a built-in lint trap collection system. However, there are some very inexpensive lint collectors (a couple of dollars) that you just toss in with each wash load that float around on the surface and collect amazing amounts of lint, so that problem is solved. Now that I have owned this machine, I doubt I will ever go back to a standard size (and weight) machine again; this is just too convenient and massively more affordable. ***111

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